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Welcome to Behind The Scenes, The Official Blog of Celebrity Advisors!

Posted on February 4, 2019 by Celebrity Advisors
Welcome to Behind The Scenes, The Official Blog of Celebrity Advisors!

Necessity is the mother of invention. -Plato

It is this iconic quote that best describes why Celebrity Advisors was born to uniquely serve you, your friends, family, clients, and colleagues in any one or more of our 85 markets.

Having represented countless high-profile celebrities and high net worth clients and customers (including professional athletes, actors, musicians, coaches, sports and entertainment executives, media moguls, team and business owners, and investors) in more than 30 countries over three decades, both as a sports and entertainment agent and a licensed real estate broker in nine different states, our Founder, President, and CEO, Darren Weiner, identified a glaring void in the old traditional residential real estate brokerage model that desperately needed to be filled.

The reality is that while just about all of the household name real estate brokerage companies, with which you’re familiar, appear to be “national” or even “global,” they are simply franchised and locally/independently owned. As such, there is not much, if any, connectivity or communication at all amongst the brokers and agents under those same corporate brands, which doesn’t bring you the most value.

Since, according to U.S. Census Bureau figures, the average American moves eleven times in his/her lifetime, the odds are overwhelming that you and/or those close to you will either move, buy a second home or invest in property in the very near future. However, to whom will you and they turn to advise on the purchase and/or sale of one of the most valuable assets in your lives? This is precisely why Celebrity Advisors was created.

As you will continue to see in the upcoming days, weeks, and months, this one-of-a-kind exclusive real estate streamlined platform uniquely brings together many of the best real estate brokers and agents across the United States, Canada, and Caribbean to not only serve the best interests of our clients and customers in their current local markets, but coast-to-coast.

Contact us now to find out why so many of the most successful and high profile individuals, companies, and families rely on our team, and how we can best serve you, your clients, colleagues and family.